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A Comparison of WYSIWYG Editors for ExpressionEngine at EE Insider

Posted on April 16th 2012 to Design, ExpressionEngine

I've been working several evenings and weekends to create the first (that I'm aware of) comparison of WYSWIG editors in ExpressionEngine and EE Insider was kind enough to publish it! If you've stuck to the same WYSWIG editor in EE for every project or have been using something else like Textile formatting, this is the article for you! I spent a lot of time trying three popular editors to see if I should switch from my default (Wygwam). Read and share!

EE is great! And while I love WP as well, EE is a more powerful and more veatrsile beast. However, with that power comes learning curve. Two or three sites in things will really start to click. Hang in there, it’s worth it.

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